A benefit for Momoco holders — Soulda FREE MINT

2 min readJun 20, 2022

Soulda is a NFT project with a very high artistic expression. They integrate psychological theory with NFTs. Their team has pioneered a whole new way in the Web3 world — — Infuse your Metaverse Pass with Soul.

They want to provide Momoco holders with FREE MINT Spots. Every Momoco holder can claim a Soulda Free Mint with the wallet that is holding Momoco NFT. People who have participated in Momoco Staking will still be able to claim the Free Mint Spot normally, you will not be affected by the staking.

Now let me introduce their unique personality test system: Just less than 7 minutes, you can finish the MBTI personality test on the Soulda Fountain page of their website. Then you will get your test result. The result is also your soul in the Web3 world.

If you complete this test, when you Free Mint, you will be able to claim a NFT with your personality label. If you don’t take the test, it doesn’t matter, you can still claim a NFT with a random personality label.
​​Come here to complete the test: https://soulda16.club/fountain

Momoco appreciates Soulda’s artistic ability. Welcome each of our holders to claim the wonderful gift that Soulda has provided to us.


  • How to judge who are MOMOCO NFT holders: Holding at least one Momoco NFT at 10:00 AM on June 23, 2022 (UTC+8). Users who participate in Momoco Staking will also be able to claim normally and will not be affected by Staking.
  • Two Soulda NFTs can be free minted for each wallet address that is holding Momoco NFT.
  • Please submit this form with your wallet address that is holding Momoco NFT by 10:00 AM on June 23 (UTC+8): https://forms.gle/EuEtGLwm8kHhhys4A
    If you miss the submission time or submit the wrong address, the reward will not be reissued.




🍑Momoco is a collection of the 10,000 NFTs of memories in Sensoji Temple, bringing the blessing of Sensoji in Tokyo. Artist @OmaerAbd Discord: coming soon