A Letter to the Community

4 min readMar 10, 2022

Why did we launch the MOMOCO NFT Project?

Current Problems

I believe you have seen a lot of NFT projects in the market about the ACGN (Animation, Comic, Game, Novel), both good and bad. But not all of them went on for long-term development, we believe that the key to success lies in the following factors.

The project gives you an Avatar, but the Avatar has no story inside — which is actually the most important part of the quadratic element.

In addition, compared with the long-term development of ACGN NFT, the project itself only focuses on the sale itself, and the long-term preparation and budget are just stuck in the road map, which is far from being implemented.

MOMOCO is an artist who has loved art since she was a child. She hopes to inspire the world through the love story she encountered at Sensoji. Through MOMOCO NFT, MOMOCO’s inner world and 20 years of experience are drawn down.

The advantages of MOMOCO

Sensoji in Japan, as the background of MOMOCO brand, is the most famous “Edo Period” characteristic of the popular amusement place, which is also the most well-known temple in Tokyo. MOMOCO set the background in Sensoji, where she and Yusheng grew up. Various daily clothes and traditional Japanese cultural characteristics are integrated into NFT, through which you can appreciate the diverse Japanese folk culture.

Unique gameplay to build. MOMOCO combines NFT of character and NFT of amulet. Users who hold MOMOCO can not only get free NFT of amulet but also send their good wishes with the unique Japanese characteristics to everyone.

Moreover, we have a total of 5000 pieces of MOMOCO and 5000 pieces of Hanyu character NFT. Behind each pair of NFT, there is a story about MOMOCO and Hanyu. MOMOCO and Yusheng dressed in sailor suits, went to Sensoji to pray together; MOMOCO and Yusheng got caught with embarrassment in the rain; When MOMOCO changed into an elaborate costume and went to Yusheng’s house for the first time. MOMOCO will slowly tell you the story behind each NFT.

In addition to online spin-off planning, illustration, movie, metaverse-space, and character IP modeling into the game’s setting. Offline, MOMOCO is planning to open a physical store in Sensoji, and after the sale, it will launch accessories, fashion products, and other co-branded products, and plan to hold various offline activities (meet-and-greet, MOMOCO exhibition, etc.). By making Sensoji the best place to pray for love, NFT is accepted by the public.


MOMOCO’s long-term roadmap, the designer’s rich inner life, and the community’s visibility are obvious. On this basis, MOMOCO is very prescient about the long-term development of multicultural future. MOMOCO has already indicated in its roadmap that it will not only build MOMOCO physical experience stores but also implant MOMOCO’S IP into animation movies and games in the future to enhance users’ sense of immersion. This is MOMOCO’s positioning of the world view and story of NFT products.

MOMOCO takes the long term of the market, and she identifies the style of Japanese ACGN, where beautiful stories and scenes are the most authentic reflection of reality. MOMOCO’s real experience is the best material for the MOMOCO project itself.

Under the MOMOCO project, empathy is the best way to sustain consensus.

Faced with the ACGN NFT track problem of “strong outside and hollow inside”, MOMOCO has chosen a long-term development path with great insight. The analysis is as follows:

1. Add value to NFT

In our plan, every user of minting MOMOCO NFT can get a free chance to mint Sensoji amulet, and the amulet NFT will also be traded in Opensea as a excess profits to early supporters.

2. Worldview and empathy

Worldview sets an upper limit on popularity. MOMOCO wants the community to see more of the spirit and power of the author’s worldview, rather than just the hype behind it.

We need characters designed to interact not only with the community, but also with the emotional world, to shape personal history for each NFT, and to make each community member an indispensable member of the MOMOCO NFT world and the spiritual world. Only in this way can we have real empathy and form IP with positive consensus.

3. Continuous expression of creativity

MOMOCO’s use of NFT is hierarchical and deep. It is expressed in a differentiated way through the background plot of the timeline. In the future, we can clearly identify this feature from expressions, movements, behaviors, and costumes. And future user-held MOMOCO NFT will support LOOT creation and editable, when an NFT with infinite faces is presented to you, it is never just an avatar.

When MOMOCO was created, it was never presented as a simple avatar product. MOMOCO says, “There are seven difficulties in life: birth, old age, illness, death, separation, hatred, and lack of desire.” Momoco NFT has collected 10,000 memories of Sensoji and brought the blessings of Asakusa in Tokyo to wish all lovers a happy and healthy life.




🍑Momoco is a collection of the 10,000 NFTs of memories in Sensoji Temple, bringing the blessing of Sensoji in Tokyo. Artist @OmaerAbd Discord: coming soon