MOMOCO Ambassador Program

3 min readApr 13, 2022
MOMOCO Ambassador Program

Momoco has announced our long-term plan to our community. At first we will build the blockchain technology game platform, and introduce many kinds of games (such as MOBA, RPG, Tower Defense and Strategy Games, etc). We will prepare and begin to empolder high quality blockchain games, build a Momoco system. Secondly, we will build economic models for Momoco token, will run through game makers, video uploaders and livers, labor unions to achieve reciprocity. At the same time, we will give the early Momoco participants and Momoco-x holders some special gifts. Finally, we will reduce the threshold for users outside the circle to get started with chain games, improve the recognition of traditional gamers for chain games, build a broad user base, and promote the long-term development of the industry by building a blockchain game live room.

In order to achieve the above vision better, Momoco needs the support of our community and users . Now we are appreciated to inform you that the Momoco Ambassador Program has begun.

Momoco is looking for users who trust and support us around the world as ambassadors. As a project with 100,000 community members, Momoco needs members who are full of enthusiasm and concentration to help us develop our project and provide suggestions for Momoco’s community and market work, which is helpful for us to build a positive brand culture and will make users become the catalyst for the stable development of the project.

Here are the details about the application:

Momoco Ambassador Benefits:
1. Take an opportunity to get exclusive private customized NFT

2. Monthly salary

3. Additional dividends and financial support

4. Participate in online and offline activities, accumulate the experience of this industry

5. Deeply communicate with our team and meet the top people of this industry

6. Priority access to Momoco derivatives

7. Exclusive identity of Momoco and our partners’ communities

MOMOCO Ambassador Post

Each ambassador needs to contribute to Momoco’s long-term plan. Recruitment for each position is limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

Momoco Ambassador Responsibilities

How to apply:

Google Forms:

Before applying for Momoco ambassador spot, we hope you have your understanding and enthusiasm for Web3.0, NFT and Metaverse. Welcome every blockchain lover to join Momoco family as an ambassador and grows up with Momoco. We hope you will take responsibilities and obligations to develop Momoco communities. Our team is willing to work with you to build Momoco into a project which could win the recognition of industry and even the world. We hope that one day, Momoco can be proud of you and you can be proud of our partnership too.

As a global NFT team, we don’t think we can achieve the long-term vision alone, so we welcome every user with ideas and abilities to join us! If you are interested in the Momoco Ambassador Program, welcome to learn more about it through our Official Discord Community:, and we will give you an accurate and meticulous reply as soon as possible.

Contact us:


Aileen | MOMOCO#9762




🍑Momoco is a collection of the 10,000 NFTs of memories in Sensoji Temple, bringing the blessing of Sensoji in Tokyo. Artist @OmaerAbd Discord: coming soon