1 min readMar 17, 2022

Start Time:21 March

Our holders determine the success of the project and by handpicking our most dedicated members, we can ensure a strong team moving forward.

Spamming does nothing for the community. The best way to get noticed is by helping others, having real conversations, and contributing to the community! Our team will be choosing 10+ people a day for whitelist.

We strongly encourage all whitelisted members to stay active! We do not want anyone obtaining whitelist and then sitting out until mint. We need all members engaged to make this project a success!

Recommendations to earn whitelist:

1) Add “ | MOMOCO ” to the end of your name.

2) Change your PFP to one of our sneak peeks or logo.

3) Be active to get 5 level and Invite 3+ friends here.

4) Create Fanarts and post at your social platforms.

5) Boost the server!

How to earn whitelist:

The main way to earn whitelist is by actively engaging with the community in a positive manner. Additionally, all your sincere suggestions and feedbacks will increase your odds.

Our team will be daily hand-picking the community members we feel deserve whitelist the most.

Thank you for your support!





🍑Momoco is a collection of the 10,000 NFTs of memories in Sensoji Temple, bringing the blessing of Sensoji in Tokyo. Artist @OmaerAbd Discord: coming soon